Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey & Beeswax Soap


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Ben’s Bees Manuka Honey & Beeswax Soap

If you are anything like me, then you want all things to come in the form of the world’s greatest creation: the bee! That’s why I am thrilled to present the very special Ben’s Bees Handmade Beeswax and Manuka Soap, made in the form of a beautiful honeycomb and some happy worker bees. As we all have to wash every day, make showering a joy with this gorgeous and unique cast soap made from natural ingredients. Its subtle yet nectary scent will leave you smelling luscious too!

Aside from being beautiful to look at, Ben’s Bees Handmade Beeswax and Manuka Soap is a gentle formula that is safe and moisturising on even the most sensitive skin, making it the perfect everyday product for the bathroom, or an exquisite gift for loved ones. This product is made from some of my favourite natural oils, including olive oil (to moisturise), babassu butter (a non-greasy skin emollient), and coconut oil (with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties). In combination with these specially chosen ingredients, honey and beeswax moisturises the skin for longer, helps to fight minor skin infections and gives this handmade cleanser its warm, subtly-sweet scent.

Net weight 110g.

All soaps are handmade and cast so may vary slightly in weight, colour and shape.

Where possible, keep your handmade soap away from ongoing moisture and steam to avoid it losing its unique design.

Made using high-quality natural ingredients, this everyday formula uses olive and coconut oils, beeswax, moisturising shea butter and manuka honey.


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