What Is Creamed Honey?

The first time you try creamed honey, you’ll be hooked! With an irresistibly smooth, spreadable consistency, it’s hard to not want a little more.

What Is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey is also known as whipped honey, churned honey, spun honey and even ‘honey fondant’. This naturally conjures up thoughts of a thick, creamy consistency, and of the type of process that is likely to be involved, but the reality is far different!

Honey will naturally crystallize with age; this occurs when the sugars harden and the honey thickens as a result. This process is completely normal and does not mean that the honey has gone off or spoilt as some people may think. The easiest way to reconstitute the honey back to its original pouring consistency is to place the jar of honey in some warm water. Be careful, because much hotter than about 40oC and you run the risk of killing all the good enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Creamed honey is actually honey that has undergone controlled crystallization. The crystals are incredibly fine – much smaller than normal – giving it the luxurious feel of double cream on the tongue! Production involves adding a ‘creamed honey culture’ which then starts to spread throughout the honey, creating those fine crystals. The entire process may take anything from a few weeks up to a number of months to complete, depending on the sugar structure of the honey.

What do with creamed honey? Well, it has an irresistibly smooth, spreadable consistency. Use it in exactly the same way as you would any other honey. Add a little creamed honey to buttered crumpets for a yummy breakfast dish that’s hard to beat!

Grab some Ben’s Bees creamed honey if you’re up for a taste sensation!

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